Fancy Events


Download Festival Logo is a  wonderful metal music festival even if you hate metal music the whole environment is fully amazing for all the fun things you can do weather you just want to head bang or see new bands or even make new friends or camping it has many wonderful experiences you can remember for life

Advantages ?

  1. Incredible fun
  2. Random
  3. Camping
  4. Hotels near by if you want one
  5. Easy to get to download wherever you live for good transport links
  6. Many buses go to download each year
  7. Wonderful music
  8. See so many different bands for a cheap price
  9. Food or drinks on camp site
  10. Shops fairly close by as well
  11. You can try new products for free  at download each year
  12. Seeing musicians in real life is overall magic experience when compared to listening to music at a home or even a party seeing them in real life is million times better
  13. Parties at it unimaginable fun
  14. Find out about bands you never knew about
  15. You will probably find if you go that some bands you thought were not good sound good live